MatchDay // Ireland


Founders: Johnny deane & dillan scully


MatchDay is a live fantasy sports gaming company that lets viewers interact with the sport they are watching in real time. We create and provide this game to brands and sports bodies looking to engage sports viewers.

MatchDay is based in Trinity Research & Innovation Centre in Dublin, after winning Trinity LaunchBox 2016.

Learn a little more about MatchDay and Johnny

What is your favourite sport and sports team?

Unsurprisingly being from Kerry, Gaelic football and Kerry GAA also been an Arsenal fan since I was a kid but still has to be Kerry GAA.

What is your earliest sporting memory?

2002 world cup- Robbie keane goal against Germany, got to leave school early to watch the game. Great day for all involved.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Having met Dylan and Ian in college and realising together the opportunity created by the changes in our generations viewing habits, MatchDay was exactly the type of venture I would of dreamed of starting when I entered college. Ultimately I think the 3 of us just love the challenge. The ecosystem for startups is also very strong in Trinity College with the Blackstone and Launchbox programmes and this gave us a great place to start.

With sport as your core target industry, what are the benefits and restrictions?

The 3 of us are sports fans so it's always fun for us to be involved in that ecosystem, one could say that sport is more difficult to disrupt than other industries but I think attitudes are changing in this respect.

What is your top tip for potential startups/entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the sport tech industry?

I don't think this is specific to sport tech but get out and test your assumptions quickly, you're going to be wrong about something to begin with, find out quickly and adapt.

Finally, what are you most excited for at the One Zero Conference on October 21st?

Really looking forward to hearing from John Kavanagh, Conor has been one our most successful athletes it will be fascinating to hear from John about what it takes to train an athlete to a world class standard. I'm sure they'll be a lot to learn from him.

See MatchDay pitch on stage at One Zero at 17.45, limited amount of tickets are still available at