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In the unforgiving world of coaching, the MyplayXplay solution for live streaming of video content to mobile devices is changing the face of video analysis by giving coaches, medical teams and analysts in the fields of rugby and football a competitive edge, making them more mobile, nimble and responsive whether the teams are playing home or away. MyplayXplay is housed in a plug-and-play rugged road case that takes live-streaming video from games as they are being played and sends multiple tailored feeds to mobile devices over WiFi, so that coaches and their teams can analyse game developments in real-time and respond immediately. This technology lets key users move around the venue and talk about the video as the live performance takes place. If something happens, eyes drop to the app, where video can be replayed and tagged on an iPad or even on a phone located in an arm band.

Learn a little more about MyPlayxPlay and Ivan

What is you avourite Sport and ports Team?

NHL Hockey, Toronto Maple Leafs. Please don't tell Irish Rugby ;-)

What is your earliest sporting memory?

At 6 years of age .. staying out until midnight, in -5 degree weather, freezing hands and toes, on a tennis court converted to a rink on a snowy Christmas Eve learning how to skate. It is the stuff of dreams in Canada. At that age you truly believe you are going to be the next great hockey hero.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Following a dream is difficult within a role that is not wholly owned. The satisfaction of doing great things will remain in anything one decides to do. But the shear triumph you feel when changing a space, in any industry, can not ever compare when from the ground up it is your creation. It’s as if “god-like” you created something from nothing. And along the way there were cheers and tears but you knew you owned the whole ball of wax.

With sport as your core target industry, what are the benefits and restrictions?

Benefits : Dynamic industry. One the fastest growing in technology adoption. Restrictions : Rules of game/sport sometimes limit what problem's technology can accommodate and solve for. The process, for obvious reasons, must go through a consensus before change can occur. It is not a huge problem and not unlike other industry. One must have patience.

What is your top tip for potential startups/entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the sport tech industry?

"Action equals esults". lease then take action! on't waste your time only talking about it .. go prototype it, test it out in its rudimentary form. This also goes in hand with "No time like the present" And Another favourite .. "if you don't laugh at your Gen 1 product you are doing it wrong" Does anyone recall your first ever web page! Without that first page Facebook never gets built.

Finally, what are you most excited for at the One Zero Conference on October 21st?

The Guinness of cours! On a serious note: Being recognised by peers i th industry is a success in itself.

*Any other relevant comments/quotes Feel privileged to participate at One Zero in my country and town of birth.

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