Opifex // Brazil


CEO: silvio kotujanski


In the world there are more than 40 million surfers, the largest planet boards of sport, which are lacking in information about its performance. With Opifex, a telemetry device, which is easily installed on the board , and a mobile application, the surfer know in detail your performance in each wave. The equipment captures, stores and transmits the movement of the board information, which can be viewed in real time or after the sessions on mobile devices. As every runner you want to use measurement products such as watches and bracelets surfers also want to monitor and plan their activities in the sea. The technology used is the result of a work of many years of research and development that resulted in an invention that solves efficiently and exclusive measuring the movement of the board and surfer water mirrors and spatially. Exclusive and patented solution internationally, which goes far beyond the database provided by the GPS.