TeamUp // Finland


CEO & Co-Founder: Donna Kivirauma 


TeamUp is an ad-free social network for Sports, Music and the Arts that is making social media more meaningful and rewarding. Fans can be recognized and rewarded for their passion for people and groups that they love, and sponsors can engage with fans in a way that is appreciated by the fans. TeamUp’s patented Fan Ranking differentiates it from its competitors and amplifies content reach across all social channels.

TeamUp was founded in 2012 in Tampere, Finland and already has almost 500 sports teams, athletes, musicians, etc.  TeamUp is the recipient of numerous awards including a 3rd place finish at Mindtrek when the company was just one month old, Red Herring top 100,  Top 4 companies at Tuottava idea competition in Finland, Best Pitch at Money Talks in Tampere, and was nominated for the 43North incubator competition and is now a semi-finalist for that competition. 

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What is your favourite sport and sports team? 

My favorite sport is track and field.  So instead of a team I would like to pick a favorite athlete.  My all-time favorite is Zola Budd.  She showed such grace in how she handled the fall in the 1984 Olympics.  Everyone was so angry at her immediately and blamed her for it.  I watched it live and didn't see it that way.  It was an emotional moment that has stuck with me ever since.  How a person handles adversity says a lot more about a person's character than how they handle success.  She has handled both as a true champion.

What is your earliest sporting memory?

Playing softball with my three sisters in our backyard without a catcher.  We had a batter, pitcher, first base, and outfielder.  Whoever was batting had to reach out and catch the ball if they didn't like the pitch because we had no backstop either.  One of my sister's did that during a real game when she played on a team. :-) We still laugh about that. :-) 

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life.  I had my first fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy in my backyard at the age of 10. :-) I like to create something from nothing and especially like to put my ideas into action.  This particular business was started to help athletes and teams to get sponsors.

With sport as your core target industry, what are the benefits and restrictions? 

The benefits have been being a part of the most amazing industry of sports.  Athletes are incredibly inspiring people.  My life is enriched daily by the interactions I have had with them whether they are youth, Olympians or professional athletes. As far as restrictions, since I am a person that only sees solutions I don't feel restricted. 

What is your top tip for potential startups/entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the sport tech industry?

I would say number 1 is to talk to as many athletes and teams as possible to clearly identify the challenge they are facing.  Athletes have different needs from sports teams and vice versa and for different reasons.

Finally, what are you most excited for at the One Zero Conference on October 21st?

It is my birthday! :-) I am thrilled to spend my birthday with so many great people in the sports tech industry.  This is my passion and my life. I visited Dublin when I was asked to speak at Websummit last November and I could not think of a friendlier place to celebrate. 


Any other relevant comments/quotes

My personal quote is "Believer in dreams and facilitator in making them come true" I love to help people reach their goals.  I guess that is the teacher and coach coming out in me. :-) I was a high school math teacher and cross-country and track coach in my 20's. 


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