X-Metrics // Italy


CEO: Andrea Rinaldo



It all started from an intuition of Andrea Rinaldo (current XMetrics CEO) professional swimming coach, former professional swimmer and Telecommunication engineer. When he attended the Olympic Games - London 2012 - he realized how his main need was shared by most of the coaches all over the world: the lack of scientific way to monitor training data and identify area for improvement.He pushed then himself to create a new concept, a product of technological innovation. Thanks to his strong passion for swimming and the key support got by a team composed initially by 4 friends with a strong technical and managerial skills, Andrea has been able to develop in June 2014 the first proper prototype and to found his own company, XMetrics. A series of successful steps lead to attract an international investor, become a team of 12 people and penetrate the market in October 2015, just one year after the company foundation.